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A History of Horses Told by Horses

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On a peaceful country morning, a horse named Bess approaches and communes with the author. At the mare's urging, the author agrees to write A History of Horses Told by Horses, in which equines trace the historical links between humans and horses, express their thoughts on the impact that humans have on the Earth, and state their mission. The horses' hopes are to partner with compassionate people, especially women, to redirect the course of humanity in a positive way.

The story-telling horses exist. The places and people are real. The multi-layered message relates to the human condition on a personal level as well as on a global scale.

Equine history spans more than 55 million years and five continents. Horses desire to form meaningful relationships with people. Each horse's connection with a human is unique. A horse's assistance is tailored to a person's individual needs.

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A History of Elephants
Told by Elephants

Hope in the Face of Adversity


A History of Elephants Told by Elephants is the first in a series of educational and entertaining 32 page illustrated children’s books for ages seven and up. The elephants tell their story about their evolution, how they live in the wild, their present day endangered situation and what we can do to help elephants.

This book collection includes: whales and dolphins, horses, cats and dogs telling their stories.