About the Author


An engaging speaker & spiritual healer, who has a passion for writing inspiring books.

Howard Levin’s first book, Quotations for Successful Living, is a compilation of inspiring quotes. This collection initially began with his mother posting favorite and relevant quotes on their home’s refrigerator throughout Hal’s childhood. While collecting additional quotes for his book, the author had the opportunity to meet many inspiring people: Phyllis Diller, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Margret Thatcher, Magic Johnson, Oprah Winfrey and Muhammad Ali.

Ali’s review of the book, “Quotations for Successful Living, it’s the greatest!” motivated Hal to create more books to help people, animals and our environment.

Howard ‘Hal’ Levin is a member of Healing in America, a school of holistic energy healing. Hal was born in the Chinese Year of the Horse. Hal studies animal communication, attends seminars, networks with other communicators and spends many hours in the field with the animals. Learning to commune with animals has dramatically altered Howard’s life. He traveled around the world to connect with horses and increase his understanding and receptivity to their messages.

A History of Horses Told by Horses is the first book in a series of stories told by the animals themselves. Hal is currently working on A History of Elephants Told by Elephants, which will be followed by the stories told by dolphins, whales, cats and dogs.

While visiting elephants in Thailand, he learned about a legend that says, “When a person is touched by an elephant, they have been blessed. In return, that person has to try to help elephants.” As a result, Hal is donating ten (10) percent of the profits from the sale of this book to nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting elephants.

Hal also enjoys skiing, hiking and building his Olympic businesses. A favorite pastime includes volunteering and working with horses at the Humble Ranch Therapy Center, a nonprofit organization, located near his home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.